about navina donata

navina donata is a poet and artist with german, american and ethiopian roots, currently living on a mediterranean island.

her story

the roots of her poetry

books have always been a welcome refuge for navina donata. growing up, she was shy, and her introverted soul loved to be at home, getting lost in foreign worlds and forgetting about the noisy world around her. 

at some point, she started to write stories herself, usually short stories. she quickly found that she was better at expressing her feelings and sharing her thoughts on paper than verbalizing them. 

when her teacher introduced her to the world of poetry, she experimented with different forms and knew she had found her preferred way of expressing her emotions and thoughts. it is no surprise she eventually decided to study literature and cultural studies. 

besides writing poetry, another passion, and refuge, of hers is music. at age seven, she started playing the violin, and she secretly still does. 

bringer of beauty

the late story of OneDonata

navina donata always wanted to create a brand that resembled her passion for poetry, art, music, and the beautiful things in life. a multidisciplinary art brand evolving and growing with her as an artist.

and this extraordinary journey starts now with two very intimate poetry collections, and a touch of art!

followed by the first jewelry collection 'fragments of love'...